How to Make Sure You Run A Successful Bed and Breakfast

It seemed like there are a lot of people who are interested in B&BS so I thought I would post more insight for a good B&B. I have been to a lot of both good and bad B&BS…. There were times where I had to leave because they were just SO bad. If you want to make sure you have a good B&B it is of the utmost importance to have one that is not sketchy looking. Make sure that it looks comfortable.

Customers may be staying for a few days so make sure it is a place that reminds them of home and not like they will relive the shower scene from the movie “Psycho”. Just small touches to a room is important. The smell of the room is a BIG importance. Customers staying the night absolutely do NOT want to stay in a room that smells like mildew. The less of an inconvenience for the customer the better. It not only makes it easier for the customer, but for the staff as well because they are not getting an angry mother or father yelling at them because the T.V or WIFI isn’t working or that their room hasn’t been made. Don’t forget, a clean room is a happy room.



Here is a list of WHAT NOT TO DO at a B&B:

  • Don’t Make a Customer Feel Like They Aren’t Important

If you want to have a good business you need to show them that they are important to you. Cracking a joke can even cheer the customer up after a long trip. (I tend to smile when I’m called Shug, Sugar, Hun, or any sort of little nickname from one of the workers).

  • Don’t Have Foods That Make Customers Question What They Are Eating

If you make the food, PLEASE make it edible. If you want a good B&B at least have a waffle maker. I don’t know about you but those are one of the best parts of my B&B experience (I really like waffles). You don’t need anything fancy but small pastries, waffles, and fruit are all that you really need.

  • Do Not Buy Uncomfortable Beds and Scratchy Sheets Just Because They Are Cheaper!

Customers want rooms that they could just easily fall asleep in. They do not want to sleep on a bed that hurts their back, is lumpy, too scratchy, or too hard.

What Every Great Bed and Breakfast Should Offer

There are various reasons why bed and breakfasts are better than hotels, the major one being what bed and breakfast locations offer that many hotels don’t. This includes a comfortable, home-like atmosphere, homemade breakfast, free WiFi, complimentary parking, more attention from the concierge, more control of who comes in and out, the possibility of group gatherings, and more.

It’s true that many hotels promote free continental breakfast, but it’s not comparable to a B&B. There is usually a very specific time frame and it definitely isn’t as fresh, as they leave out whatever isn’t eaten by the first round of guests. Also, you probably won’t see much more than the basics at a hotel. Trying to please a larger amount of people makes this so. At a B&B, the owner is usually more willing to create unique, homemade dishes for their small amount of guests.


Then, there are the free amenities. A typical hotel may require you to pay for parking or use its valet service. At a B&B, there is usually free parking right in front. This saved money can be used to enjoy the rest of the trip. The same goes for free WiFi. Most hotels charge per person or per room, and hotels are aware that visitors don’t want to go more than a night without WiFi. Otherwise, people who opt out will be wasting their data. B&B’s tend to offer free WiFi. When you’re not at the B&B and you’re traveling around town, look for hotspots. In an article written by GoodCellas, you can find five helpful tips to avoid wasting your data, and finding hotspots is one of them.

While I put an emphasis on the better breakfast and the free amenities that hotels tend to cheap out on, the cozy atmosphere, attention from the concierge, the feeling of safety, and possible group gatherings with the small amount of other guests all add to the traditional B&B experience. At my B&B, The Lilly-Pad, you’ll find all of these things.

If you’re thinking of starting your own B&B, I hope you consider every area I mentioned. I hope to see you at The Lilly-Pad!

More Ideas:

Stylish Furniture Redecoration Insights

stylish furniture

I want to find these chairs!

My little B’n’B has been in some pretty dire need of redecoration for some time now, so I hit the web to find a good place to buy some stylish furniture. My home/place of business is near enough to a few department stores, but I’m never quite happy with their selections whenever I visit.

So, I took the plunge into online shopping, and the end result was better than I had hoped. Naturally, I was able to browse through more options online. Of course, I ended up focusing on one: Rug and Home, an online rug store. While I was initially looking for a new dining room table/chair set, I saw their rug selection and instantly started thinking about all the possibilities.

Long story short, I bought a few rugs on top of my initial order of some pretty stylish furniture. The best part was that they were on sale, in some cases over 50% off! As far as colors and styles go, it certainly seems like they have a lot of both. I got a few very different rugs to each match with specific rooms in my house.

I don’t want to gush too much more about Rug and Home. I just wanted to use it as an example of what you can find on the internet when you least expect it. Before I went through with actually buying anything I found and read a bunch of refurnishing tips that I hadn’t even thought of. Some of these might have obvious tips, but there’s still some good advice in each one. Anyway, Here are a few links of my favorites:


Well, that just about wraps up this blog post. In short, don’t be afraid to explore your options if you’re looking to decorate; you might find something that will surprise you. Before going, I have a video that might help you out:

HVAC System Seasonal Transition Tips

hvac systemEven though it’s still (just barely) August, fall and winter are going to be here before you know it. As sad as it is to see summer come to a close, it’s still important to prepare for the coming colder months. My business has certainly had its ups and downs, but nothing matched my first winter with my business when my heating system failed. Below are a handful of tips for you to check out and make sure your HVAC system is ready for the fall and you don’t end up like me:

  • Make sure your system gets a professional tune-up. Regular maintenance checks like this prevent greater issues from developing down the line. This is doubly important if you’re responsible for the HVAC system in your office space. The BP group is one example of New York commercial HVAC maintenance, if that applies to you.
  • Replace or clean your filters. Dirty filters won’t work as efficiently, which hampers performance as well as cause an increase in energy consumption to approach previous similar results.
  • Calibrate your thermostat, or even better, install a programmable system. To best manage your HVAC system, you need to control the thermostat and use it only during periods that you need it. A programmable thermostat allows you to pre-set HVAC behavior so that you don’t constantly need to manage it.
  • If your HVAC system doesn’t account for this, consider humidifier options for your building. Heating systems dry out the air in these colder months, so a humidifier can balance the loss of moisture.
  • Arranging for regular maintenance beyond the seasonal tune-up can go a long way in ensuring your system’s efficiency as well. If nothing else, simply having options instantly after an issue comes up provides peace of mind.

These are the most significant tips that come to mind when getting your HVAC system ready for the fall. It can seem pretty minor, but doing (relatively) little work can save you a lot of money, and make the days stuck in doors a little more comfortable. As an added little bonus, here’s a video with some more energy saving tips!